Bmw E61 535d Sport Touring Review

On first driving the 2005 E61 BMW 535D M Sport Touring, your senses are deceived, especially after being used to petrol driven BMWs. The performance seemed to be lacking the edge that was expected. However, through continued use, you soon come to realise that it is the competence of this car that sanitises some of […]

Do You Have A Feel For Your Golf Game

It has been said thousands of times. -Feel- is the main part of playing golf. Instinctively you know whether something is right or wrong for you just by how it -feels.- Some times It may be a little confusing to define the -feel- of golf, but let’s try if I may to take this confusing […]

Fix Golf Slice – Add Yards To Your Drives

Fix golf slice is a thought on many amateur golfers’ minds. Studies reveal over 80% of all amateur golfers slice the ball. There have been more training aids, drills and tips to fix the golf slice that I can’t even begin to count. If you hit a golf slice, have you taken lessons; bought any […]

Choosing An Enclosure For Your Golf Cart

The game of golf is increasing in popularity day by day. Popular with all ages and sexes, golf it is a great game. Walking around a scenic golf course, pitting your skills against your fellow players is challenging and it is good exercise. Originally a game only for the wealthy, golf is now enjoyed by […]

Proper Golf Etiquette

Some golf etiquette is common sense, like don’t yell out profanities while someone in your foursome is hitting the ball. Other golf etiquette isn’t so obvious. I spent two years of playing golf before even knowing a few common golf courtesies, so take a look at these pointers to make sure you haven’t overlooked any […]