Golf Push Shot Causes And Fixes

The golf push shot is one of the most common swing faults. The golf push shot most commonly occurs when the clubface is open relative to the swing path and/or when the swing follows an excessive in to out swing path. Here are the common faults and fixes of the golf push shot. What Causes […]

Golf Tips – Good Gear And Sportsmanship

If you are just getting into the sport of golf, you have probably heard thousands of golf tips from well-meaning golfers. However, what many golfers fail to realize is that many of the golf tips that work well for one golfer, simply do not work well for another. Here are some golf tips that work […]

Globalization And Sport

During the 20th century, sports took on an increasingly international flavor; aside from the world championships for individual sports, like soccer’s World Cup, large-scale international meets, such as the Pan-American games and the Commonwealth games, were inaugurated. Sports have correspondingly become increasingly politicized, as shown in the boycott of the 1980 Moscow games by Western […]

knowing your strengths and limitations

Golf can be a frustrating game, if we let it. If every time you hit a poor shot you react with anger and frustration, it will be very difficult to bounce back and be ready for the next shot. When we experience frustration, it affects our tension level, decision-making and enjoyment of the game. No […]

Beginners Guide To Golf Clubs And Golf Clothing

There’s a huge choice in golf sets, irons, putters, drivers and wedges. You can choose from golf sets or individual clubs. If you’re an experienced player you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for to improve your game. But if you are a newbie and need some help, don’t worry, all golf clubs, bags, carts, golf […]

Guide To Golf The Right Mentality Brings Victory

In most activities in life, success or failure starts in the mind. If you believe you cant do something, you wont be able to do something. The same applies to golf. The masters at golf are those who refuse to be intimidated, who believe they can win and go ahead do all they can to […]

What You Should Know About Skullcandy Sport Headphones

Sports headphones are those are those earpieces designed for sports activities such as jogging, cycling, skiing, snowboarding and other events such as exercising in the gym. Due to the intense body movements during such activities, the headphones have a special design to protect them from damage and to protect they user from any injury. Therefore, […]