Golf The Lure of the Game

Golf is more than just a sport. It is an obsession, addiction, and a way of life. Why do golfers enjoy golf so much? After all; what could be so exciting about walking around a field, and swinging a stick at a ball? I mean come on! Golf is just a boring non-contact sport that […]

Play Golf Better With Good Feet Positioning

The feet play an active role in the golf pattern. The placement of the feet at the address has as much importance as the other components in the golf swing. All must be coordinated in a fluid movement to obtain the maximum power and precision of the shot that is humanly possible. Foot action is […]

From your Scottsdale private golf club President

To My Fellow Member at our Scottsdale Golf Club, The Country Club at DC Ranch ,I cannot believe that we are already into October with the course closed for overseeding as we prepare for the rapidly approaching winter season at our Scottsdale private golf Club. As I look back on this very quick year. I […]

Periodization Training For Golf

The idea of periodization has been around a very long time for athletes at all levels. The concept is simple. If you started with the goal in mind, let’s say it was to win the Club Championship or place in the top 3 in your next Amateur event, then you would plan accordingly. Generally, an […]

Learn to Play Golf

Golf is a celebrated game among the elite. Golf can be a very gratifying game but sometimes it can prove frustrating too. So unless a person has love or passion for the game of golf it is not easy to learn to play golf. People who want to learn to play golf are offered a […]