Cutting-edge Aruba Sport Sunglasses And Eyewear Available At Bespokegolf Ltd

In the 5+ years Aruba Sport has been in business we have always made customer satisfaction our first priority.
Read what some of our valued customers have to say about their experiences with Aruba Sunglasses and visit for more information.
“Thanks for working to replace the lenses on these glasses. I picked these up this year at the Austin Marathon and really like how lightweight they are. I like them so much that I gave my expensive sport sunglasses to my wife to run in; they are just not as comfortable to me.”D.G., San Antonio, TX
“I love these sunglasses and appreciate very much the fact that you stand behind them. Thank you.” S.R., Seattle, WA
“My husband got these great sunglasses and used them only 3 weeks when he dropped them out of his shirt and someone ran them over. I am sending $7.95 for S&H in hopes of getting him a new pair. Thank you so much.” G.W., Spokane, WI

First order arrived quickly, quite pleased with quality and service- thanks, R.K., CA.

Saw you last year at this race. Glad I found you again. Buying three more pair. These glasses are light and don’t bounce when I run.- B.L., CA

Just the best darn sunglasses on the planet– D.S., California

Finished the half ironman at Wildflower in the top ten for my age group. Your glasses worked great on the run and the bike. Thanks. See you guys at the next event”– D.I, New York

Definitely the most comfortable eyewear to race in, whether sunny (dark lens) or overcast (red lens), the lenses have great clarity for easy focus. — Joey Hinton, Team Aruba Professional Triathlete
Aruba Sports Sunglasses are now available in Europe and the UK through