Do You Have A Feel For Your Golf Game

It has been said thousands of times. -Feel- is the main part of playing golf. Instinctively you know whether something is right or wrong for you just by how it -feels.-

Some times It may be a little confusing to define the -feel- of golf, but let’s try if I may to take this confusing term and put it into something more concrete.

Let’s first talk about the method of using all your strength on your swing. If you swing very hard, you will not be able to feel the ball being correctly hit and your balance will suffer because it will be more difficult to control your muscles. If you will allow yourself to feel the shot, then your entire body will be tuned into the shot and you will know that you can hit the ball solidly and more importantly correctly.

To achieve more power, you should learn to twist your body. If you achieve this, you will be able to hit the ball quite a distance in 3 or 4 years. If you have a certain shot that you cannot seem to accomplish, think it out. You do not need to try a new method unless you have a specific need for using it.

The basics are of utmost importance. Go over in your mind how it feels to prepare completely for that shot that you are trying so hard to make.

Another thing to consider is that feeling the power of the stroke is not always a necessity. Swing easily and smoothly remember that you are transferring energy to the ball. If you will just rid yourself of everything that works to destroy your balance, you will be on the right path. Delete everything that does not seem to feel comfortable. Keeping your balance and being comfortable will always help to increase the power that you can use. Some players lift their head near the end of their swing thinking that it will increase the power of their stroke. It doesn’t add power, it actually decreases the power of your swing.

Being comfortable can help you in playing golf by allowing you to play more easily and fluidly as possible. Many times being comfortable is completely mental.

While you are moving, it is very important to keep your eye on the ball. This is very important. When you are comfortable, you are using your strength properly.

When you tense your muscles, you are instantly moving away from the proper way of playing golf. If you want to check your golf methods, evaluate how comfortable you feel. If you are playing well using your own way of playing, then play your way and forget about copying other players. If you need to learn a skill from someone, ask them why they are swinging that way and then you can apply the knowledge to your own swing. Imitating someone else’s swing will not help you. With a little time, you will be able to understand what a correct shot feels like, what club that you like the feel of, and be more comfortable with your decisions. Then you will understand the -feel- of golf! You know that you want to play a whole lot better. It will take some time and money but you can do here now