Golf Insurance

Golf insurance is one of the uniquely important factors in the game of golf. Even though it appears naive, golf insurance does play a vital role in the safety of the golfers and their golf equipments in any golf course. But how could a silent and an irrefutably soft game like golf demand insurance? A golfer who paid hundreds to thousands of dollars to compensate for the accidental damage he caused or a golfer who had to get a new golf kit for himself since he lost his own could explain the major role golf insurance plays in the security and welfare of a golfer.

Accidents happen in any game and in fact it could be worse in golf given the varieties of equipments being used in golf. A simple example could be the case where a golfer’s retina was permanently damaged due to the accidental slip of the golf club from a co-player’s hand. The injured golfer promptly sued the other, the plea was legally accepted and due to the unforeseen accident, the golfer who did the mistake had to pay a heavy penalty for it. Accidents of this sort are most likely to occur with frequent golfers who play golf for the fun, get frequent players points and frequent golf courses since the probability of meeting with an accident gets higher and higher as the frequency of play increases.

Another common situation that would prove the importance of golf insurance is the loss of golf equipments specifically golf clubs. Golf is indeed a costly game and it is not feasible to get a new golf kit over and over again. Even though this appears a pretty rare situation, reality is actually terrifying. Reports say that golf clubs worth millions of dollars are being stolen every year and in US alone over 10, 000 golf clubs are stolen every year.

Now that we had seen the importance of golf insurance, let us take a look at the tips and tricks of Golf insurance. As with any other insurance, golf insurance can be as tweaked as possible. Unless the golf insurance completely covers you including the various possible locations of the accident/theft, the possible types of accidents the insurance covers you from and also depending on the insurance coverage amount, insurance companies might easily get you trapped. It is very important to make sure that the golf insurance taken up covers the complete damage amount, all possible accident locations including the car parking area where the golf equipments could be easily stolen and that there are no asterisks around the coverage scope. In short it is necessary to ensure a complete golf insurance coverage in all locations and in all possible accident zones.

In short, in a game like golf that could be costly both in terms of the equipments and the damages incurred and it is highly essential to ensure that there is a proper insurance cover so that the vacation that started off with a wonderful golf tour doesn’t end up in financial loss and mental stress.