How To Build A Driving Range In Your Home Or Garage

If you play golf, it can become an obsession. Whenever you pick anything thin and cylindrical up your hands immediately go for the overlap or interlocking grip. Golf becomes second nature. When you see a giant rolling field you cant help but think, Whoa, that area would make one awesome back nine. As much as you like getting out to the golf course, or even just the range it isnt always an option if you dont have the spare time. Public courses and driving ranges can be extremely expensive (The closest public golf course to my home town in Wisconsin is up to 500 dollars a round). Even if you cant always make it to the range, it doesnt mean that you cant be practicing. Lets set the record straight on what practicing is and isnt, practicing is not taking swings on your lawn with no target and no ball. You might improve your form, but when it comes time to actual hit a golf ball the whole process will feel alien. If you dont regularly practice making contact with a golf ball you arent really practicing. You need to be able to hit real golf balls with real golf clubs to get real practice.
There is a simple and easy way to set up an at home driving range that is safe and can be used all year long. If you are a homeowner and you have access to a garage or basement that provides enough height to be able to comfortably swing a golf club while inside, you are in the clear. By getting a few weighted safety nets and a synthetic turf matt with a built in tee, you can have your own driving range that is accessible twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. Imagine being able to practice hitting your 3 wood in the comfort of your own home.
Any reputable sporting equipment dealer or internet golf retailer should have golf netting in stock. These weighted nets can handle golf balls being hit into them at maximum velocity. After the ball hits the net, it falls to the ground and stays by the netting for easy collection. Even though you cant see where the ball would have ended up if it wasnt stopped by the net, you can still tell when you make a good, solid, clean connection with the club face.
If you have a tall enough ceiling you can string up an area as little as twelve feet by ten feet and have the perfect place to practice all year long. The instillation process is simple and all you really need is a hammer or a power drill, some hooks and the golf netting itself. Its important that you use actual weighted golf netting and not random netting that you can purchase from other retailers that wasnt expressly made for capturing golf balls. Other types of nets may let golf balls through the netting, which could damage your walls or even break a window. By using real golf netting you are making sure that accidents wont happen.
Even if you are a member of a golf club, or have a fairly accessible public course right by your home, those courses wont be open during the off season. Imagine the upper hand you can get if you were to practice all year round, you could perfect your golf swing while your buddies are getting pudgy sipping hot coco by a fire place!