Know How To Fix Weak Golf Grip To Hit A Ball

A weak golf grip occurs when the hands are rotated toward the left on the golf grip (for a right handed golfer) which results in an open clubface at impact. A weak golf grip is actually recommended for certain shots such as a bunker shot or a lob shot which require an open clubface. However, both of these shots typically incorporate a corresponding opening of the golf stance which makes it easier to hit an open clubface shot.

But for the majority of golf shots that require a normal golf stance and alignment parallel to the target line, a weak golf grip can result in several notable golf swing faults including the slice, push and push slice.

How to Fix a Weak Golf Grip

The neutral golf grip is recommended for the majority of golf shots and results in a square clubface at impact. If you have a weak golf grip and wish to achieve a neutral golf grip for straighter shots, you should rotate your hands on the grip to the right. To ensure you have a proper neutral grip, check your grip against the following grip basics and checkpoints:

Proper Neutral Grip Basics:

Left hand place grip across base of little finger and just above first joint of index finger. Apply pressure with the last 3 fingers of left hand.

Right hand – place grip across base of fingers. Wrap fingers around underside of grip. Fold lifeline of right hand over left thumb. Apply pressure with the middle 2 fingers of right hand.

Key Checkpoints of Proper Grip:

Palms facing each other.
When looking down at grip, knuckles of the left hand forefinger and middle finger are visible.
Creases of thumbs and forefingers point between right side of face and right shoulder.
The hands should work together as one unit with neither dominating the other.
Wrists hinge and unhinge naturally in backswing and downswing.

Once you get in the habit of achieving the proper neutral grip, you will be amazed how much straighter and further your golf shots go!