Playing Golf – Become a Better Golfer with Golf Instructions

You are looking good wearing fashionable golf clothing. You read about the golf game and you are ready to join your friends and coworkers on the golf course. It seems your new employer also enjoys playing golf and you want to be a good team player by being included in the activities and getting to know your coworkers as well as your employer in a relaxed atmosphere.

While you are out on the golf course you observe others as they play golf; and become fairly comfortable in the new environment. In the conversations with your fellow players you toss out a few words of golf terminology and all seems to be okay.

Now, it is your time to hit the golf ball. It appeared to you that golf seemed similar to softball; incorrect thinking. Unfortunate thinking on your part causes you to twist your wrist and this gives you an excuse to discontinue playing.

Embarrassment was escaped with your minor accident as you tried to imitate a good golf swing. And this gives you a reasonable excuse to end your participation.

New employer or not you need to:

Learn the rules of the golf game.

Take lessons in golf from a qualified professional golf instructor.

Learn proper body mechanics in order to hit the golf ball to the target.

Learn correct methods of how to hold the golf club.

Learn how to use golf equipment.

Practice your golf drills.

Playing golf with your employer and coworkers is not uncommon. Many play golf for doing business networking. We often hear of the great deals that were closed on the golf course. We also hear of the societal networking. Meeting the right people can help us climb the corporate ladder.

As you know, golf is an excellent sport for relaxation as well as for competition. Others use golf for exercise and fitness. A weekend of being out in the beautiful weather and walking a well manicure golf course getting rays from the sun for natural tan is great.

Listening to the quiet outdoors with a few whistling birds and feeling a gentle breeze on our skin leaves us feeling relaxed and refreshed.

However, with all of these benefits for playing golf, we need to know how to swing our golf clubs in order to have a proper golf swing. We also need to know how to play the game.

Do not pretend that you know how to play golf; you will be very embarrassed and cause frustration and even anger from your friends and coworkers as well as those players behind you that are waiting to play their turn. You definitely do not want to bluff your new employer.