Proper Golf Etiquette

Some golf etiquette is common sense, like don’t yell out profanities while someone in your foursome is hitting the ball. Other golf etiquette isn’t so obvious. I spent two years of playing golf before even knowing a few common golf courtesies, so take a look at these pointers to make sure you haven’t overlooked any yourself.

Arrive early for your tee time. If you are late, that can mess up the golf courses entire schedule for the day.

When teeing off, usually the person in your foursome with the lowest score on the previous hole tees off first.

On fairways, and the rough, usually the person whose ball is farthest from the pin hits first.

When around the putting green, again the person farthest from the pin goes first; but everyone will usually hit their ball onto the green before anyone starts putting.

Again, once everyone is on the green, the person who is farthest from the hole putts first.

It is considered rude to step on someones line (the line between their ball and the hole).

If someone has a far putt, it is courteous to ask if they would like the flag tended or taken out.

Remember if the ball goes in the hole when the flag is still in, technically the golfer technically incurs a two stroke penalty, so be sure to remove the flag before holing out.

Remember to put the flag back in the hole sometimes. You dont have to do it every time, but dont always expect someone else to pick it up.

Mark your ball on the putting green, especially if its in someones line to the pin. If you dont have a marker, a coin will do just fine.

Dont forget to repair your ball marks and divots!

If you are playing exceptionally slow, and there are groups waiting behind you, consider letting them play through. It would probably be best to pick up the pace, and start picking up your ball when you have an excessive number of strokes.

Dont talk when someone else is hitting. Try to stand behind others when they are teeing off. Also, if your shadow is in someones putting line, you should move; that can be distracting.

Dont hit until you are 100 percent sure the group in front of you is out of the way.

Keep in mind that a lot of these courtesies are how you want to golf when you are with someone you dont know very well; just to be on the safe side. When you are out on the course with your friends, Im sure they arent going to get too angry, if you go out of turn, or dont mark your ball 100 percent of the time. Bottom line, just keep golf etiquette in mind, be courteous and considerate of other golfers, and youll be fine!