Suggested Equipment You’ll Need Once You Start Focusing On Golf Seriously

Ask any avid golfer and he will tell you how important it is to have a personal kit and cart. When you learn to play golf, you will understand how critical every equipment is to your game. With all of the equipments being available in different shapes and sizes, it is important to have the personal ones which are suited for you.

Your first item on the list happens to be the most important item which is the golf ball. You can look for a golf ball with a diameter of 42.67 mm and a weight of 45.93 g. g.

Let us tell you a bit of a brief about the golf balls which you will find useful. The golf balls of today are made using multiple layers of synthetic materials. Earlier on they used to use leather golf balls or balls made out of feathers. There are two varieties of golf balls. The soft cover variety is used for short distances and gives more feel and higher spin, while the hard cover is used for long distance hit and play.

In the golf clubs category you have categories such as woods, irons and putters. Besides there are the wedges used for short shots. For hitting long shots from a tee or fairway you use the Woods and while playing on the green as well as mini golf courses you use the Putters.

If you look at the grip and the club head of the golf club, what is in between is the shaft. A shaft is made to be circular in shape and is made thicker towards the grip end where as it thins out towards the club head end.

You can get variety of shafts made using various metals and materials. The earliest being shafts made out of hickory wood, the normal shafts available in the market today are made using tempered steel as well as graphite. Highly specialized shafts you find are made out of titanium or aluminum.

You can choose any one of the types of shafts either a tapered one or a one with steps or smooth finish. Next you need to look at a golf bag which comes made out of nylon or leather. All bags are generally in the shape of a cylinder and build around a plastic frame. Buy a bag which can hold all your golf clubs and cart them from one golf course to another.

The gold bags are built with additional numbers of pockets that are designed to accommodate all of the supplies and tools. Though the bags come with large size straps to enable you to strap them on to your shoulders and carry them, generally you will not find people doing this. What everybody does is to buy a wheel cart made for golf bag and cart it around from one course to another which is a better option.

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