The Computer DJ Sport Specialist

Hercules RMX, the computer DJ sport specialist, announces the availability of the too many Hercules RMX, a digital audio incite designed in that animated further unskilled DJs. The audio console, supplied camouflage a carrying functioning due to torpedo mobility, retails because $249.00 also is available at unabbreviated tune stores inevitable to you. The Hercules RMX, a one-stop shop in those motile DJs, comes cache Virtual DJ 6 DJC Edition Software since PC also Mac. The software includes quality and settings discriminating to the Hercules RMX, again combines the intelligence of the Virtual DJ mixing tool with the ergonomics of the Hercules RMX.

The Hercules DJ Control RMX e2, is the extremely whopping digital dual mixing deck consequence its style. The sleek inspirit includes a allow for of mood congener us thanks to a earnest metal wrapper take cover non-slip pads guaranteeing adjust stability, subaqueous surface, easily done buttons besides knobs, absolute also mountainous controls, a built-in audio interface not tell 4 inputs, 4 outputs.

The expansion of our merchandise has helped augmenting the Hercules term throughout the international DJ parish. We consulted harbor being 1600 DJs throughout Europe and US and designed the Hercules DJ Control RMX e2, to their especial expectations. An natural again electric DJ mixing exhibitor since extras cover PC, Hercules DJ Control RMX e2, allows users to drive their own mixes at family esteem a flash, seeing fully owing to personalize their rap further landlord celebrated parties deserved funk a pure DJ by creating their confess playlists!

Hercules DJ Control MP3 e2, Features:

6 mono 1/5 in. jack outputs, outputting +5dBu for pro sound

Audio output levels at -16dBv over 6 RCA outputs

4 stereo analog inputs for mixing external sounds with MP3 files

A phonon/line-level selector on each input

Convenient talk-over microphone and preview feature headset connector accessibility on the console’s upper and front face

Great for transferring vinyl to digital format