Yoga Teacher Traning Course At Shree Narayan Yog Peeth, India

Shree Narayan YogPeeth is an ashram and yoga school, founded by Yogi Sanjay K Naithani. The vision is to offer students and spiritual seekers from all over the world an opportunity to understand the true nature and origin of the ancient spiritual practice of yoga.

It is our belief that the path of yoga can be walked anywhere and bring joy and contentment everywhere, when practiced with love and sincerity. We humbly welcome anyone interested in exploring the spiritual aspect of human nature by deepening the understanding of the yogic path to join our spiritual family. Shree Narayan Yopeeth also offers four weeks Yoga Teacher Training course and ten days SADHANA (Purification) course.

Sadhana is an ancient yogic purification practice and yogic path, with the purpose of cleansing the mind and body to gain deeper understanding and wisdom. It is an ego-transcending practice whereby we achieve non-attachment and freedom from wordly desires. Sadhana is an efficient tool for improving capability and increased spiritual consciousness in all parts of human life. The courses schedule is very intense, under the guidance of founder Yogi Sanjay K Naithani, and participants are expected to make a sincere commitment to the practice during the whole of the stay.

The SADHANA course will start from 1st of every month till 10th and from 15 of every month to 25th. first course is starting from April 2013.

Sanjay is the founder president of Shree Narayan Yoga Peeth. From an early age he was inspired by his grandfather who initiated him into a yogic lifestyle. Later he honed his yogic practice at Sivananda Ashram & Bihar School of Yoga and got an initiation into the Udaseen Sampraday tradition. He has also studied Iyengar yoga style and incorporates its attention to postural alignment into his classes. His systematic approach to asana practice, deep knowledge of yoga therapy and loving yet firm style of delivery makes him an invaluable asset at Shree Narayan Yog Peeth.

The discipline of yoga consists of eight limbs: Yama Universal Morality, Niyama Personal Observance, Asanas Body Postures, Pranayama Control of prana through breathing excercises, Pratyahara control of the senses, Dharana Concentration & Cultivation of inner perceptual awareness, Dhyana – Devotion & Meditation on the Divine, Samadhi Union with the Divine.